What to Look for When Buying a Microswitch?


Before diving into what a microswitch is, let’s understand the basic concept of a switch.

A switch is an electromechanical device used in applications where it is activated with little contact or pressure. It causes an ‘on’ and ‘off’ action where it changes the flow of current to produce the required operation of the appliance.

Getting into the topic, the microswitch, also known as the snap-action switch, is used in almost every household and business appliances starting from alarms to washing machines. The defining quality of these microswitches is how applying small physical pressure upon the actuator produces relatively large movements in electrical contacts. For example, the microswitch is used in a vending machine to detect when a person puts in a coin.

Low cost and high durability of these micro switches make it useful in a high range of applications such as alarms, lamps, AC’s, ovens, microwaves etc.


The microswitch was invented nearly 80 years back byPeter McGall of Freeport, Illinois, USA in 1932 and is used in almost all kinds of appliances since then.


Simply put, it consists of a spring lever and three connection points: current ©, N/0 (normally open), and N/C (normally closed). The spring lever is connected to the current, which with little pressure already in resting position on N/C, moves to N/O.

Now, let’s understand the concept behind this microswitch with an example:

A microswitch is often used in turning on devices like surveillance cameras where the snap action is activated when the cameras reach its furthest point of the motion and start to return.



Used in rice cookers and ovens as control panels to detect whether the lid is closed correctly.
Used in air conditioners to check whether the position of the door panels is closed
Many other applications include refrigerators and washing machines.

They are used as fire sprinklers, alarms, surveillance cameras, elevators, water pipe systems, printers, cars, and machinery.

Cash registers: senses the open and closing of the drawers.

Elevators: for sensing whether the elevator door is open or closed and opting floor number.

According to Dr Larry of Honeywell, a few things should be considered when buying a microswitch:

APPLICATION: Know the size requirement for the form it is used for.

QUALITY: Choosing a high-quality switch is beneficial in the long run.

DURABILITY: A superior switch can operate for 10 million cycles before mechanical failure, so it is wise to choose a high-reliability switch.

RESISTANCE: Most of the microswitches are not resistant to hot and humid conditions. So, it is better to choose one that has high resilient power.

OPERATION: It should be smooth and flexible while operating.

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